Pottier P130UL "Bleu Citron"
Payware aircraft for X-Plane

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X-Plane 9.70 and X-Plane 10.x support
Fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OS (not Mac PPC)

See the in-game screenshots

Detailled 3D model - Full 3D Cockpit - Fps friendly
Tail-dragger and tricycle gear configurations, selectable on the fly
Build from the original drawings, in contact with real owners

Free updates for X-Plane V9 and V10

SASL enhanced :
- Check-list in english and french
- Smooth needles behavior
- Fuel valve
- Compatible from X-Plane 9.70 to X-Plane 10.x, both 32 and 64bits

Documentation in english and french
(Click above to read the manual)

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