Grumman HU-16D Albatross
Payware aircraft for X-Plane

a and Hydroz production

Available right now !
Last update : july 09, 2014

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General features
SASL powered
Compatible with Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux systems, 32 or 64 bits
Realistic engines failures - Read manual and check-list carefully
Realistic engines mixture settings : ICO - Normal - Rich
Realistic systems behavior, based on the official Flight Manual
Realistic water operations
Hydraulic system simulated

Aircraft health Status
Global hour-meter
Health of various subsystems (Structural, engines, etc)
Failure depending of the health of subsystem
Failure will occur more frequently on unhealthy system
Statistics menu with parameters
Some kind of luck factor

Customs 3D sounds
3D engine's sounds
Ambient sounds
Water on hull at high speed water-taxiing

Alert pop-up system
Alert, failure, co-pilot message, etc...

Easy mode
Engine failure can be disabled
Easy water mode which add a water rudder for easy handling
Easy hydraulic systems

He manage RPM and mixture setting, depending of flight configuration and power setting
He manage cowl flap and carburetor heat system
He inform you of various systems status (Landing gear, flaps, etc...)
He can execute each check-list, from cold & dark to cut-off
He show you the appropriate page of the Check-list book

Pop-up panels
Check-list (Normal and Emergency)
Point of view
Copilot command
Weight & Balance

And more and more to come...

And of course, it will be