Consolidated PBY-5A "N9767"
An aircraft for X-Plane V9.62+ and V10

Come aboard !

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X-Plane 9.70 and X-Plane 10.x support
Fully compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OS (not Mac PPC)

Detailled 3D model - Full 3D Cockpit - Fps friendly

  8 differents versions
Many liveries
Flight manual and Check-list adapted from the real one
Realistic water bomber operations

Free updates for X-Plane V9 and V10
Paint-kit for each version

SASL enhanced :

Now, you have a copilot !

He can execute all the Check-list !
He manage RPM and mixture setting, depending of flight configuration and power setting
He manage cowl flap and carburetor heat system
He inform you of various systems status (Landing gear, water-tank, probe, etc...)

Realistic engines failures

Read manual and check-list carefully
Realistic engines mixture settings : ICO - Auto lean - Auto rich - Full rich emergency

Realistic water operations

More drag at low speed
Easiest water taxiing
Ramp operations without crash
Crash if you attempt a water-landing with one wheel not fully retracted

Realistic water bomber operation

Follow the check-list item by item
2 drop mode available (full load or half load drop)
Emergency drop handle
Increased drag while scooping
Crash if you attempt a water-landing with doors open

Hydraulic system simulated

Engine hydraulic pump and emergency hydraulic pump feeding 2 accumulators
Various system impacted : probe, water jettison, gear actuating and brakes
Various failure (pump fail, leak, engine fail, …)
Easy mode with no hydraulic failure

3D engine's sounds

More varied sounds (Starter, engine ignition, idle, cruise, max power and shut-off)
3D interior sounds, depending of engine position and point of view

Customs sounds

Ambient sounds
Water on hull at high speed water-taxiing
Water dump

Easy modes

Engine failure can be disabled
Easy water ops mode which add a water rudder for easy handling
Easy hydraulics with no failure

Alert pop-up system

While exceeding maximum engine settings
While you have an engine failure (fire, oil pump, etc...)

2D pop-up panels

Switches panel
Magnetos Panel
Check-list (Normal and Emergency)
Point of view
Copilot Command

Take a look at the rich documentation
(Click above thumbnails to read manuals)

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