Catalina update V1.4


New features :

Copilot can execute Check-list

  • Each check-list can be executed, from cold & dark to cut-off
  • He show you the appropriate page of the Check-list book
  • Can be canceled at anytime

New 2D pop-up panel (Artwork by Khamsin Studio)

  • Magnetos panel
  • Copilot command

V10.10 version

  • Improved engine starter behavior
  • No more magneto turned on while engaging starter
  • Shadow optimization (interior object not calculated in exterior view)

In order to continue to use V9.62+ version, you'll need to merge the CAT folder with the V9_acf one.

Various stuff

  • Point of view pop-up panel can now be moved by clicking on the strip at top or bottom
  • Mixture can now be mapped to a joystick axis or a button
  • Floats are lowered when start-up in water

Bug fix :

  • New version of SASL plug-in (Fix problem with 2D menus at start-up)
  • No more random false alert while starting in-flight
  • Vertical Speed indicator fixed

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